sculpture and wall objects. Iron, composite aluminum, automotive enamel

The Heat project was provoked by the very call of the place, when the Crimean settlement, remote from the capital's audience, not only inspired but also attracted the work. All the work on the objects took place in Gurzuf. At first, the objects were planned to be implanted into the body of the space where they were created, wrapping them in the aura of the place. Next, we wanted to move the project forward by recreating it in new conditions.

The main intrigue was that the "beautiful space" chosen for the work had long been stubbornly held in two realities at once. On the one hand, it was constantly developing as a southern resort with a standard set of seaside holiday attributes. But, on the other hand, it has miraculously kept the fragile ghostly charm of another reality from being forced into becoming just another tourist destination.

Distancing ourselves from both realities, we constructed our own parallel route with a balance between the aggression of the attraction and the nostalgia for the "escaping beauty".

"Heat" became something like a skin - a living, thin, sensual and vulnerable two-sided surface in contact with both spaces. And the project became a blade wedged between two realities, something that constantly cuts, stings, and divides.