A body injured by fashion. Or let's take a broader view - a body traumatized by culture. (When culture is simulated like Dr Frankenstein's creation, it can simply be crushed or disemboweled with the cruelty of a maniac). But I still took fashion as an example, which reproduces itself with dizzying acceleration. The body is no longer interesting for fashion, which is fascinated by itself and dies like a Narcissus.

Whereas at different times capricious constructions of clothes used to add something to the body (giving it new volumes and shapes) or rediscover the body, now clothes decide the fate of the body not together with the body, but with other clothes. The body has been left to play the role of a dead doll, which is occasionally tweaked to suit fashion, but in reality, only out of boredom.

The body compartmentalized by clothes, or simply empty clothes, is a metaphor for the separation of everything related to culture from ordinary human needs, such as drinking water or breathing. In other words, the human (dead or simulated) is separated from the living, but purely biological.

The body, loaded with a dead cultural heritage, cannot stand it and begins to turn into clothes or even run away. But the lack of a "protagonist" doesn't seem to bother the simulated culture, which is dizzyingly reproduced in "new collections".

(Vlada Ralko, 2014)